• X-案

    客户 / 造作


    X 案是一系工作桌设计,包括单双人位两个版本。名中的“X”取自于交叉的桌腿结构 - 而正是受到工地建筑所启而设计,意在与工业风的办公环境相搭配。三个明黄色的配件自上而下分别是屏风、抽屉和一个插排托盘,在提供便捷性的同时点亮了整个产品。桌子为平板包装,节约了仓储及物流成本。该项目已量产。(图片由造作提供)



    Client / ZAOZUO


    A series of working desk designed for ZAOZUO office, including single and double versions. Its name ‘X’ comes from the crossing structure inspired by industrial site,to match with the loft interior. Three canary accessories (screen, drawer and cable tray) provide functionality while lift up the tone. The desk is flat-packed,which benefits both inventory and logistics. The project now is in mass-production. (Images courtesy of ZAOZUO)

    造作办公室 / 北京

    ZAOZUO office / Beijing


    Single version